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About the Album

Released in 2017.

OK was mostly about not being content with where I was at in life at that point. I was working a decent paying but soul-crushing suit-and-tie job, and just beginning to put serious effort into the music I make. 

If you're so inclined to purchase a physical copy of this album, you'll receive a CD in a plain white envelope (with the liner notes printed right on the disc), and at least a few stickers. 

By and large, this album was just okay, thus the title. Some songs are garbage (in my opinion), some are mediocre, and few are remarkable. 

Shark Hunt, Long Nights, and The Takeaway are standouts, and feel like rough drafts of songs I'd write on later albums. Unpolished gems. And considering that I had written and recorded this entire album in about 18 days, it's remarkable that they're as put-together as they are.

Track List

  1. Shade - 2:27
  2. Never Said - 3:16
  3. Shark Hunt - 2:35
  4. Long Nights - 2:09
  5. The Takeaway - 3:40
  6. Imperfect High - 2:43
  7. One Step - 1:18
  8. Much About You - 2:08
  9. Sixteen Barters - 1:51
  10. Tomorrow's Fortune - 1:24
  11. Sentiments - 3:07
  12. Song 12 - 3:29
  13. Strikeout - 2:49
  14. Gullible's Travels - 2:58
  15. Second Lap (Bonus Track) - 1:49